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Orahovac – Oravvac or Oraovac, how the local people call it, is a small fishing village, anchored in the bay that consists of twenty beaches and many shell plantations, between Kotor and Perast, baroque jewels, the cities of museums of world heritage under UNESCO protection. There is also Risan – the oldest city of the Bay of Kotor, from the 3rd century BC. All of these places are at distances from 3 to 10 km.


Orahovac has on the average 240 days of sunshine and swimming season lasts on average 200 days a year. The sea color is dark blue, the water is clean and not of big salinity as there are many underwater springs of fresh mountain water.

Water transparency is 36-58 meters; it is clean and relatively calm which makes Orahovac an ideal place for swimming, diving, water skiing and fishing.

The village is situated on the north west - south east, so the first rays of the morning sun bathe it.

Therefore, this location, since ancient times, has been a very suitable habitat not only for people, but also for particular plants and trees like a miraculous 500-year-old tree – Medunac oak, protected as a natural monument.

Among many of the monuments that witness the tradition of a small village, is a little church of St. George, which dates from the XV century.

Like a walnut fruit that is considered sacred in many religions and symbolizes fertility, healing, strength, this small fishing village is situated on the place where the sea meets land below a high cliff in a small semi-circular bay, providing a sense of security, familiarity, convenience and beauty.

Great quality of Montenegro is short distance between seaside and high mountains. In the morning you can wake up along the coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains. You will find it amazing that Orahovac is from 0 to 150 km far from natural beauty of the sea, mountains, lakes, highlands and forests.

If you search for adrenaline enhancing sports such as rafting, skiing, mountain biking or paragliding, this is the right place because it takes you only two hours to get to the highest mountain in Montenegro.

Hedonistic atmosphere that Montenegro provides, especially its coast, couldn’t be imagined without the rich selection of food and beverages.

In Orahovac and its vicinity you will find great restaurants offering not only local dishes but international food as well. But if you prefer to prepare your food at home you will find fresh fish or shells at the very village. In Kotor and Risan there are the best fish and vegetable markets on the coast where you can buy homemade, ecological products of Montenegro almost every day.